Wild life has a significant correlation with greenery, verdure and forage. In congruence to the desert nature of the area, this district is blessed with beautiful species of birds and animals. Some times back wild ass, only of its kind in Pakistan were found roaming in Rann of Kutch area. However, the massive social changes in the district have not affected only the culture of the people but also the physical environment of the area. This change, in resultant has diminished and/or vanished many species of the wild life. Even today a nunber of animals found in the district which includes chinkara (gazella benetti), desert fox (vulpls vulpes griffithi), jackal (canis aureus), hyaena (hyafrla striata) and mongoose (herpestcs).

Among birds the most famous is peacock (pavo cristatus). The other birds found ill the district are partridge (favncolinus pondocerianus menaesis), barn owl (tyto alba), Indian scoops owl (otus bakkamoena), Sindh night jar (caprimulgus mahrattensis), Indian night jar (caprimulgus asiaticus), dove (streptopelia senegalensis), large hawk cuckoo (hierococcyx sparverioides) particularly in nagar parkar, spotted sand grouse (pterocles senegallus) particularly in nagar parkar. Among water birds white stork (ciconia ciconia) and black ibris (pseudibis papillosia), in Chachro taluka are also found, In the district dangerous snakes viz khapar, cobra and others are generally found in the rainy season to a great extent.