Since the district lies in al1 arid zone, therefore, sweet water is scarce throughout Thar. Draught recurs and usually there is no rain every third year. The soil is generally infertile and because of severe wind erosion, over blown with sand. Vegetation consist mostly stunted scrub and bush although trees such as the hardy kandi (propos ginerasia) do occasionally dot the landscape. The main natural ground cover is provided by grasses which are nutritive and a palatable fodder for the live stock.

The common plants of the desert are thuhar (euphorbia caducifolia), phog (calligonum polygonoeides), ak (calotropis gigantea). In irrigated tracts babur/babul (acacica nilotica), talhi (dalkagia sisoo), neem (azatr;teha indica), jar (salvudora oleoides) kri (tamarix gallica) are found.