Rock Salt was already in use of the local population when in 326 BC, Alexander of Macedonia and his army camped along the Jehlum river about 35-40 kilometers away from Khewra waiting to fight a battle with Raja Porus across the river. Alexander’s horses started lick the rocks and thus the Greeks came to know about the Rock Salt deposits in this area. Since then, mining was done by the local Janjua tribes till the arrival of British in 1849. But it was not done on a scientific manner. The Salt was taken from the outcrop of the salt seams exposed to the surface of the hill. Dr. Warth, a British Mining Engineer laid out the main tunnel at ground level in 1872 to have an easy and direct access to the salt deposits, using Pillar and Chamber Method. The method of mining introduced by Dr. Warth is still in practice. Only 50% of salt is excavated from the working seam while the remaining 50% is left there as Pillars for support of the mine.