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PTDC Hotels & Motels

PTDC Motels (Pvt.) Ltd.
PTDC Motels (Pvt.) Ltd. was incorporated in 1977 as wholly owned subsidiary of PTDC under the repealed Companies Act 1913 (Now the Companies Ordinance, 1984) to operate motels,  resorts and restaurants constructed under PSDP grants. It is governed by its Board of Directors with MD PTDC as its Chairman. PTDC Motels North (Pvt.) Ltd. is currently running 35 motels and 4 restaurants all over Pakistan. All restaurants and 10 motels have been leased out to private parties.

60-The Mall, Rawalpindi Cantt. Tel: 051-9272004-11 Fax: 051-9272014
Flashman’s Hotel is located in the heart of Rawalpindi cantt. The Flashman’s Hotel consists of 60 rooms offering facilities for Conferences, Wedding ceremonies and other functions. Its comfortable rooms and fine restaurant. It make it an ideal resting place.

PTDC Motel, Ayubia,Tel:(0992) 359004, Fax: 359200
At a height of 8500 ft is only two hour drive from Islamabad. The Motel consists of 25 rooms offering facilities for conferences, excellent walk, chairlift and ride. The PTDC Motel is located near the famous Ayubia Chairlift.  Surrounded by magnificent green hills, meadows and forests of Pine, the Motel overlooks the picturesque Khanspur Valley. Its comfortable rooms and fine restaurant make it an ideal resting place. Satellite TV, Telephone, Rent-A-Car and Laundry facilities are also available here.  A variety of excursions are available for  tourists in and around Ayubia.
Apart from the thrilling chairlift ride, one can visit Nathiagali and climb either of the two peaks of Mushkpuri and Miranjani.  Alternatively, one can visit Murree and Bhurban or walk along the famous water supply pipeline, passing through Ayubia National Park.

PTDC Motel, Balakot, Dist. Mansehra (KPK) Tel:(0997) 500208
At a distance of 220 km from Islamabad and 4 hours journey, lies Balakot, the ‘Gateway’ to the Kaghan Valley.  The town lies on the bank of the River Kunhar and serves as a market for the surrounding villages.  With its moderate climate, Balakot is famous for the shrines of the renowned Martyrs, Syed Ahmad Shaheed and Shah Ismail Shaheed Brailvi. The PTDC Motel and restaurant facilities are ideally located.  The Motel offers Telephone, Rent-A-Jeep and Tourist Information facilities.

PTDC Motel, Near D.C Office, Bahawalpur. Tel:(062) 9250169/9250170 Fax: (062)9250171
At a distance of 12 hours drive from Islamabad is the old independent state of Bahawalpur. A city of places interesting excursions can be take to Derawar Fot and Lal Sunhera Park. At a distance of 405 Kilo meter from Lahore to Bahawalpur and 833 Kilometer to Karachi.  The newly constructed PTDC Motel Gupas style offers 14 elegantly furnished rooms alongwith restaurant facilities, serving both continental and Pakistani food.  Because of dearth of reasonably good hotels in the city, PTDC’s tourist complex is a valuable addition, satisfying the needs of even the most demanding traveler.

PTDC Motel, Kalash Valley, Bamburet, Dist. Chitral (NA). Tel: PP (0943) 404066
At a distance of 2 hours drive from Chitral Motel. PTDC has constructed a motel facility at Bamburet to facilitate the increasing number of visitors who come from across the world to meet and study the social and ethnic life style of the Kafir-Kalash. The motel has a beautiful reception lounge and a restaurant offering continental and Pakistani dishes.  Creation of motel facility at Bamburet is a major initiative taken by PTDC as part of its programme to promote tourism in remote areas regarded as attractive tourist destinations.Foreign tourists require permits for visiting the Kalash valley, which are issued at check post outside Kalash valley.

Booni (Chitral)
Chitral - Shandur Road, Booni, District Chitral Tel: 0943-470661
At a distance of 75 Kilo meter from Chitral. This four rooms Motel is ideally situated with magnificent view of the surrounding mountain. It is enroot to Shandour.

PTDC Motel, KKH, Barseen, Dist.Kohistan (KPK)
Further driving of up 100 km and three hours traveling time from Besham we reached at PTDC Motel Barseen.  Ideal for breaking journey, resting or having a meal in its well decorated restaurant.  The Motel also offers well-furnished rooms if you decide to stay overnight

PTDC Motel, Besham, KKH, Dist.Shangla (KPK) Tel:(0996) 400301 Fax: 400448
Besham is about 6 hours drive from Islamabad at a distance of 272 Kilo meter. The PTDC Motel consist of 47 rooms, presents an ideal place to break the journey for an overnight stay enroute to Gilgit, or beyond. Overlooking the mighty Indus River, the Motel is located at a strategic junction on the road linking the Swat Valley over the Shangla Pass with the main KKH.
The Motel is very popular with tourists, who find great serenity along the sandy embankments of the Indus. Here, too, an excellent Restaurant, serving both western and local cuisine, is ideally placed overlooking the river.  Besides its comfortable, well furnished rooms, the Motel is equipped with Telephone, Curio Shop, Satellite TV and Laundry facilities.

PTDC Motel, Main Bazaar, Chitral (KPK) Tel:(0943) 412683 Fax: 412722
Accessible by air from Peshawar 13 hours from Islamabad by road via Lowari Pass (in summer). The PTDC Motel at Chitral is located in the center of the city with well-furnished, comfortable rooms and a restaurant offering Pakistani and western cuisine. The Motel also offers Rent-a-Jeep, Telephone, Fax, Satellite TV and Laundry facilities.
Once in PTDC Motel, you will love to come again. Visit to Kalash Valley, Garam Chashma, Birmoglasht and Mastuj valleys is an experience to be remembered for long.

PTDC Motel Chinnar Inn, Babar Road, Gilgit (NA). Tel:(05811) 454262/452562 Fax: 452650
It’s about 12 hours drive from Islamabad at a distance of 600 Kilo meter and by a thrilling 45 minutes flight. Along with its comfortable and well-furnished rooms overlooking the green lawns and its popular restaurant which is also the best in Town, the PTDC Motel offers Rent-a-Jeep, Curio Shop, Satellite Television, Telephone, Fax and Laundry facilities.

Gilgit - Shandur Road, Gupis, District Ghizer Tel: 05814-4480777
Newly commissioned 12 rooms Motel is 3 hours drive from Gilgit. A Scenic Place, offering good fishing and trekking.

PTDC Motel, Ghairet, KKH, Hunza, Dist. Gilgit (NA) Tel: 05823-457069 Fax:452650
Hunza is 2 hours drive from Gilgit at a distance of 100 Kilo meters and at a distance from 700 Kilo meters from Islamabad. The panoramic view of the KKH and the valley of Nagar across the river, PTDC Motel situated in its very center, is absolutely stunning. From the PTDC Motel one can take a day’s trip to Nagar valley overlooking the magnificent Hoper Glacier.
The village of Passu adjacent to the Passu Glacier can also be visited in a day’s trip. The PTDC Motel offers comfortable rooms with its excellent restaurant (serving both local and western cuisine) and the fairy tale view of Rakaposhi Peak on a moonlit night. The Motel also offers Rent-a-Jeep, Telephone, Dish Antenna and Laundry facilities.

PTDC Motel, Kalam, District Swat (KPK) Tel: (0946) 830014 Fax: 830235
At a 3 hours drive from Saidu Sharif and 8 hours form Islamabad. Fifty kilometers from Miandam lies Kalam, the heart of the Swat valley. Located along the Swat River, Kalam is by far the most popular destination in these parts. The PTDC Motel overlooks the entire Kalam Township. The panoramic view is simply breath taking and the ideal place to see it is from the Motel restaurant, famous for its traditional food.
A days’ excursion to the charming Ushu and Gabral valleys can be conveniently arranged. Visit to Mohodand Lake is a lifetime experience.

PTDC Motel, Khaplu, Baltistan (NA). Tel: (05816) 450146-47
PTDC’s Motel at Khaplu is situated at a distance of 103 Kilometers from Skardu involving about 4 hours traveling time. It lies in the beautiful valley of the Shyok river. Many famous mountains such as Masher brum, Saltoro, Sia Gangri, K-6 and K-7 are located here.

PIA operates a daily flight from Islamabad to Skardu (all flights are subject to weather). From Skardu jeeps are conveniently available on hire. The motel has 16 rooms, restaurant offering local and continental food, Satellite TV and Resnt-a-Jeep facilities.

The whole of Northern Pakistan has come to be known as a paradise for mountaineers, climbers, trekkers and hikers. While visiting Baltistan, you cannot afford to miss Khaplu and the grandeur of lofty mountains surrounding this splendid tourist destination, otherwise you might have missed much in life!

PTDC Motel, Mastuj, Dist. Chitral (NA). Tel: (0943) 486034
At a distance of 4 hours drive from Chital Mastuj is situated on Chitral – Gilgit road about 107 Kilometers from Chitral enroute famous Shandur pass. This particular spot is surrounded by a cluster of beautiful hills and the terrain has its own beauty and grandeur, a plateau situated at just over 7500 feet above sea level. The area is surrounded by lofty mountains and is ideal for breaking journey on Chitral – Gilgit route.

The motel is fully equipped with all modern comforts. It has 12 elegantly furnished rooms, with a Restaurant offering continental and Pakistani cuisine. Besides, other facilities like laundry, Rent-a-Jeep, and satellite TV, are available. Stay at Mastuj Motel amidst natural surroundings which by itself is a wonderful experience of a lifetime.

PTDC Motel, Moenjodaro, District Larkana (Sindh). Tel:(074) 4111472, 408283
Moenjodaro literally meaning Mound of the Dead lies in Sind Province. It is most important archaeological site presenting 2500 B.C. old remains of the Indus Valley. This archaeological site has been placed on the UNESCOs World Heritage list.
PTDC has 9 rooms and a Restaurant other facilities include TV and telephone. Ideal for an overnight stay during visit to Moenjodaro ruins. PIA operates daily flight from Karachi. Moenjodaro is also linked by road and railway. The motel remains open round the year.

PTDC Motel, Miandam, Dist.Swat (KPK) Tel: 0946- 840656, 0946-616333
Miandam is located at a distance of 40 km and one & half hour drive from Saidu Sharif, the main city of Swat. Here PTDC Motel remains open throughout the year and is ideally located in the bosom of the valley astride lush green lawns overshadowed by majestic Chinar trees. The rooms, spread in four different blocks over the premises, are well-furnished and well-equipped. The restaurant (serving a variety of western and local cuisine) overlooks the valley affording spectacular view of the surrounding hills. The treks along the mountains are ideal for daily excursions.
Apart from these splendid prospects, the Motel offers Rent-a-Car, Telephone, Satellite TV and Laundry facilities. The Motel is heated via traditional stoves during winters.

PTDC Motel, Naran, Kaghan Valley, District Mansehra (KPK). Tel:(0997) 430002  Fax: 430111
The PTDC Motel, Naran is located on the banks of the Kunhar River, known for its Trout fishing. The Motel is spread over a 20 acre compound having standard rooms, huts and economy rooms. There are also 3 VIP cottages overlooking the Motel on the adjacent mountain top. The restaurant with its choice of western and Pakistani cuisine is always willing to oblige anglers with excellently prepared trout. A TV lounge near the restaurant overlooks the lush green lawns. The Motel offers Telephone, Satellite TV, Indoor Games, Children park, Rent-a-Jeep and Laundry facilities. Visiting Saif-ul-Muluk, lalazar, Batkundi or simply relaxing in this gentle valley, the experience at the PTDC Motel is guaranteed to be a memorable one.

PTDC Motel, PanaKot, Dist. Dir (KPK) Tel:(0944) 880900
Creation of this tourist accommodation facility at Panakot, 5 kilometers from Dir was taken up in view of the fact that intending travelers from Rawalpindi and Peshawar to Chitral had been facing great inconvenience for a night stay. Panakot is located at the foot hill of Lawari Top.
PTDC’s motel has well furnished rooms, other allied facilities include Restaurant, lounge, telephone, Satellite TV, laundry and rent-a-jeep. The Motel is ideal to break journey for an over night stay if you are traveling between Chitral-Islamabad/Peshawar.
Panakot is linked with Islamabad by road and traveling time is about 7 hours.

PTDC Motel, Rama Lake, Astore, Dist. Gilgit (NA). Tel: 05817-480386
PTDC’s newly constructed Motel at Rama Lake is a welcome addition as an important tourist resort. By virtue of its peculiar location it can conveniently serve as a base camp for trekkers and mountaineers intending to scale the mighty heights of Nanga Parbat.
The motel is an elegant tourist complex having 12 well-furnished, comfortable rooms, lounge and a Restaurant serving oriental and continental dishes. Besides, facilities like Camping, Rent-a-Jeep, telephone, Satellite TV and laundry are available. Rama Lake Motel lies at a distance of 120 kilometers from Gilgit, where regular transport service is available on hire.

PTDC Motel, Opposite Swat Serena Hotel, Saidu Sharif, Dist. Swat (KPK)(NA). Tel:(0946) 9240156-8 Fax: 9240156
PTDC’s newly constructed motel is a grand air conditioned tourist complex of 22 rooms, they are well furnished. It has a spacious restaurant with sitting capacity of 100 guests, reception lobby, conference rooms and a craft shop offering traditional craft items and embroidery for sale. The motel is equipped with all the modern facilities such as in room satellite TV and telephone, heating, laundry and rent-a-car. The motel remains open all the year round and is terminal to regular coaster service for tourists during peak season which operates between Rawalpindi and Swat under management of PTDC.
Saidu Sharif can be conveniently reached in 5 hours from Islamabad due to fairly good road condition. PIA’s 3 days a week flight from Islamabad is also in operation which takes 30 minutes to reach Saidu Sharif. The motel by virtue of its location is a convenient resort to break journey for a night if you are proceeding further upto Malam Jabba, Miandam, Kalam, Ushu valley. Even staying at Saidu Sharif, you can have day trips to the wonderful places of tourist interest.

PTDC Motel, Satpara Lake, Dist. Skardu (NA). Tel:  05815-450291
PTDC’s newly built Motel and furnished is ideally located overlooking Satpara Lake, one of the largest fresh water lakes of the country. Big and large, the lake offers ample opportunity for trout fishing, boating and rowing.
The Motel is 9 kilometers from Skardu, capital city of Baltistan and takes about 20 minutes by Jeep. Another one hour drive by jeep will take you upto an altitude of 16000 feet on to the second largest plateau of the world popularly known as Deosai Plain.
A visit to Deosai plain is a unique experience of a life time. Fishing permits are issued by the Fisheries Department at Skardu and Gilgit. The Motel has 12 rooms, Restaurant, sitting lobby and allied facilities like telephone, TV, laundry and rent-a-jeep. The facility remains open during season from May to October.

PTDC K-2 Motel, Skardu, Baltistan (NA) Tel: (05815) 450291-2  Fax:450293
The largest district of the Northern Areas, Baltistan is home to some of the highest peaks in the world, the Karakoram Range, and is very popular with Mountaineering Expeditions. It is equally popular with high altitude trekkers, with treks to Baltoro Glacier, K-2 Base Camp and Concordia being especially renowned. The major city in Baltistan is Skardu which by road, lies approximately 5 hours away from Gilgit. A daily flight to and from Islamabad is also in operation.
The PTDC Motel overlooking the Mighty Indus is located in the heart of the city at a breath-taking location. The comfortable rooms and a fine restaurant make the stay at this motel memorable. In addition, Rent-a-Jeep, Satellite TV, Fax and Curio Shop facilities are available on the premises. Places of interest in and around Skardu include Shigar, Kherpachuo Fort, Satpara and Kachura Lakes, famous for deep blue waters and brown trout making them an anglers delight. Visit to Deosai plains is an experience of a lifetime.

SOST Motel
PTDC Motel, Pak-China Border, Sost, Dist. Gilgit (NA). Tel: 05813-440030
Sost is 2 hours driving time from Hunza and 5 hours from Gilgit. This is also the right place from where to visit the Khunjrab Pass. The Motel here is ideally located adjacent to the Immigration Post. Its comfortable, well-furnished rooms provide a welcome relief from the rugged, mountainous surrounding. The restaurant with its choice of Pakistani and western cuisine is a haven of delight. The Motel also offers Satellite TV, Laundry and Rent-a-Jeep/Transport facilities. Arrangements for traveling into China are available.

PTDC Motel, Opp.Taxila Museum, Museum Road, Taxila, District Rawalpindi.Tel:(051) 9314205-6 Fax: 051-9314202
The center of Gandhara Civilization and known for historical sites. PTDC has a full-fledged information center and a six-room Motel at Taxila with a well furnished restaurant serving a variety of delicious food. The motel situation just close to the Archeological museum is an ideal place for a night’s stay in perfectly peaceful surroundings.
Situated only 31 km from Islamabad, Taxila is easily accessible by road and train from all entry points.

PTDC Motel, Pak-Iran Border, Taftan (Balochistan). Tel: 082 - 510302 & 510248
PTDC’s newly built 4-room tourist resort stands at Pak-Iran border, 650 kilometers from Quetta and 8 hours drive from Quetta, the provincial metropolis of Baluchistan. Apart from well furnished rooms, the motel comprises a Restaurant and a Reception lounge.
This particular motel facility has been created to facilitate travelers traveling between Pakistan and Iran especially the devotees who cross into Iran border for visiting holy shrines and places of religious significance at Mushad and Qum. The motel also offers telephone, Satellite TV and laundry facilities.
A night stay at the motel is a rejuvenating experience. There is a regular weekly train service between Quetta – Taftan and Zahideen (the border town of Iran). Regular bus service for Quetta is available as convenient way to reach Taftan.

PTDC Motel, Ziarat (Balochistan) Tel: (0825) 415248 Fax: 560320
Famous for the second largest Juniper Forest in the world and only 3 hours drive from Quetta, lies Ziarat. Along the 133 km drive to Ziarat, one gets a glimpse of the rugged topography of Baluchistan province, broken by visions of green orchards. Situated at a height of 2449 meters, the Ziarat valley remains snowbound during the winter.
The PTDC Motel is situated in the heart of this picturesque town. Its rooms, comprising both comfortable huts and blocks, overlook the lawns. Its restaurant caters to both local and western tastes, special Baluchi delicacy ‘Sajji’, is available on request. The Motel also offers Rent-a-Car, Satellite TV, Telephone, Fax and Laundry services.
Places of local interest including the Ziarat Residency, where the Quaid-I-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Father of the Nation, spent his last days. ‘Prospect Point’, from where the entire valley can be viewed in all its splendor and Sandemn Tangi are places worth visiting.

PTDC Motel, Pak-India Border, Lahore, Punjab. Tel: 042-36583072
Located right on Pak-India border, at a distance of 30 kilometers away from Lahore, capital city of the Punjab, PTDC’s motel at Wagha serves day and night as an important transit and entry point for tourists and passengers traveling on both sides of the border. Apart from comfortable rooms, the motel comprises of sitting room, TV lounge and a restaurant.
The motel has assumed greater importance since commencement of Bus Service between Pakistan and India. It has the honour of being host to passengers commuting through the bus.
An enchanting feature is the Flag lowering ceremony held daily in the evening presenting a pageantry of march past. The motel offers facilities like TV, telephone, and laundry. While traveling in and around Lahore, Wagha is an important place of interest and should not be missed out of your itinerary.

PTDC Motel, Birmoglasht (KPK) Tel: 0943-412683
At a distance from one hour drive from Chitral Town PTDC established its motel facility keeping in view the increasing trend of visitors to this area. A 16 room tourist cottage has been constructed. The rooms are comfortably furnished. A fine restaurant and other allied facilities make it an ideal resort to enjoy your stay in the blissful surroundings.
The fairytale summer palace of the ex-ruler affords a magnificent view of the Trichmir and the surrounding valleys. Birmoglasht is 18 Kilometers from the city of Chitral by road and one can conveniently reach by road in 30 minutes.

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