Khewra Salt Mines

On the southern slope of the Salt Range are located the largest deposits of rock salt in Pakistan, at Khewra, Warchha, and Kālābāgh, in addition to the Salt deposits found in Kohat area. However, the main centre of mining is Khewra where the world's largest rock-salt deposits are found. Khewra Salt Mines are 160 kms away from Rawalpindi/Islamabad and 260 kms from Lahore in Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan, Distrist Jehlum. It has an easy approach via Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2) through Lilla or Kallar Kahar Interchange. Another route from Islamabad is via G.T. Road through Rawat-Mandra-Dudyal-Chakwal-Bhaun-Choa Saidan Shah-Khewra.