Mongho Pirís Shrine

Located 16 km north of Karachi, the shrine of Saint Mangho Pir, stands below a mosque built on a rocky hillock. There are numerous legends connected with the saint and the crocodiles inhabiting a shallow pool near it. Legends has it that the crocodiles- a few that are now left, are of a rare and almost extinct species Ė were originally the lice that leapt out of the saintís hair. Pir Mangho, according to one versions , came to Sindh from Bokhara in 13th century. Soon after, he miraculously caused thermal springs to gush from a rock and date palms to shoot out from the ground. The saint, who is said to have died at the age of 150 years, had made his home in a cave for 40 years from where he had spread the message of Islam.