People And Costumes

People: The people of Bahawalpur are very simple and loving, have great faith in religion, Pirs, Saints and Shrines. They love music and singing. In the absence of other musical instruments even a 'Ghara' (Pitcher) would keep the concert going. The Cholistan people tend to preserve their primitive customs and traditions.

Costumes: The costumes of women in Cholistan are embroidered and printed colourful 'Cholid', ordinary and long embroidered shirt, baggy shalwars, dupattas and 'Chunries', Ghagras which are prepared beautifully in strong contrast. Village women still wear heavy skirts made of 40 yards of cloth known as Cholas Hath Ghagra. Men wear embroidered and colourful Cholas (long shirts). Balaposh (robe like coat), heavy baggy shalwars, Turkish caps, Turbans and Zari shoes have a liking for a plain and embroidered colourful Cholas, Bangis, Turbans, and Balaposh. Men in the Urban area wear Shalwar, Kameez and Coat, & Trouser is also worn by some people.