Recreation And Sports

Water Sports
Bunder boating in Karachi is a pleasant experience. A catch of crabs and fish are cooked and served aboard the boat by the crew. Bunder boats are available at Kemari and if required, the crew provides the bait as well as tackle and other fishing gear. Facilities for deep-sea fishing are available which must be arranged in advance. Prices should always be negotiated and fixed beforehand. On a moonlit night, it is a treat to sail up the sheltered harbour from Kemari to Sandspit.

Yachting continues in Karachi all year round. It is a wonderful sight to see the multicolour sails of the yachts in the harbour, contrasting with blues of the sea and the sky.

Karachi Golf Club
Golf, a popular sport in Karachi, is played on an 18-hole green course throughout the year. Visitors to the city are welcome to play for a small fee.

Fayzee Rehamin Art Gallery
The Fayzee Rehamin Art Gallery and Reference Library of Fine Art Books (Awain-e-Rifat) on M.R. Kiyani Road is a favourite haven for art lovers and students.