The favourite sport in Gilgit is polo which local folks claim originated here. It's more rugged, free-style version than the sedate variety known in the plains. The polo tournament held from 1st November to 7th November is a festive occasion and draws a large number of visitors.

The streams and lakes of Gilgit are full of trout. These are at Kargah Nullah (10 km, from Gilgit), Singal (61 km), Gakuch (73 km), and Phandar (117 km from Gilgit). Permits for fishing are issued by the Assistant Director, Fisheries, Government of Pakistan, Gilgit.

Trekking & Hiking
Trekking and hiking in the rugged mountains and verdant valleys of Gilgit are allowed only in the "open zone" which extends unto 16 km. short of the cease-fire on the Kashmir border and unto 50 km short of the Afghan border. Guides are available from PTDC Motel, Gilgit. Please check for latest rules and list of treks from the Ministry of Tourism in Islamabad.

Around Gilgit are towering mountain peaks, waiting to be scaled. Permits for mountaineering are issued by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad.