The Karakorams
Karakoram means black mountain in Turkish. This splendid magnificent collection of dark brown and black metamorphic rocks is the most unique mountain range. It has the largest concentration of lofty pinnacles and mountains in the world, stretching for 400 kms with 250 kms depth. It is bounded by Shhyok River in the east and Karamber, Ishkuman and Gilgit Rivers in the west in the north-east it is bounded by Shaksgam river and in the south-west by Shyok and the Indus rivers, Karakoram is specially characterized by its fissured rocks, gendarme like vertical features and steep slopes presenting great challenge to climbers and adventure seekers.

Four peaks above eight thousand meters i.e., K-2, Gasherbrum 1 & 2 and Broad Peak are situated in Karakoram in a radius of just twenty kms around a famous glacial junction called Concordia. The sub regions of the Karakoram are Baltoro, Soltoro, Hispar, Lupghar, Khunjerab, Panmah, Aghilm, Masherbrum, Saser, Siachen, Rimo, Batura, Rakaposhi/Bogrot and Haramosh. The snow line in this range varies between 4200 to 4500 meters during the summers. The temperatures in the area are extreme and there is large difference between lowest and highest temperatures during a day. Monsoons do not penetrate this area. Most suitable climbing season in Karakoram being from the month of May till end of September each year. Climbing during winters is, however, possible. Besides high mountains, Karakoram is inhabited by the largest glaciers outside the polar region.

For centuries travelers have been lured by the grander and massiveness of the Karakoram and Hindukush. The Chinese were the earliest known travelers on the famous Silk Route which passed through these magnificent ranges and recorded their impressions of dark mountains, rope bridges and mighty glaciers.


Name(s) Chogori, K-2,  Mount Godwin-Austen
Elevation (feet) 28,250
Elevation (meters) 8,611
Location Karakoram China-Pakistan
Latitude 35°ree; 53' N
Longitude 76°ree; 31' E
Best Climbing Months June, July, August
Year First Climbed 1954
First Climber(s) Achille Compagnoni Lino Lacedelli (Italian expedition)
Convenient Center(s) Skardu, Pakistan
Nearest Major Airport Islamabad, Pakistan