Khewra Salt Mines as a Tourist Attraction

The first and the main tunnel at ground level developed by Dr. Warth has been converted into a tourist attraction by the Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) since 2002. There are many points of interest for tourists in the mines. They are taken into the mines on an electric trolley train to the first point and then the visitors are shown various unique portions of the mines with attractive shapes, forms and colours. The first stop is a beautifully mosque made of rock salt brick of different colours and shades. A spacious chamber is named as, “Assembly Hall” measuring over 73 meters in height. There are many water tanks filled with saturated brine solution. There is an area of transparent slat of light pink colour known as, “Sheesh Mahal” (the mirror palace). Here, a series of chambers are connected with salt bridges over water ponds, which are illuminated with lights showing wonderful reflection of different colours of salt.