Umerkot – Fact Sheet

How to Get There?
The nearest you can get to Umerkot by air is from Hyderabad. PIA has a few weekly flights to Hyderabad from Karachi. Better that you drop in Karachi and get a bus and reach Umerkot. There are excellent buses that ply on this route. And if you want to enjoy more then get to Mirpurkhas from Karachi. Then take a train (an old British engine of 19th century) that runs every Monday morning and takes so many hours to reach that you will feel the heat. Check the exact timings from Mirpurkhas railway station.
What to See?
The Fort of Umerkot is its prime attraction. And, there is a long history attached to it.

Other sites:
1) Syed Mazar (Tomb of a Muslim saint) outside Umerkot
2) Shiv Mandir (Hindu temple) near Syed Mazar
3) Akbar’s Quba
4) Thar bazaar
5) There are four other Temples inside the city.
6) Momal Rana
When to Visit?
The best time is the time of rain. Usually, they appear sometime between June and August. Everyone is happy and there are tourists around. And there are lots of snakes out from their long hibernation. So, be careful.
What to eat?
1) Krishan’s Sweet (drink milk from here as well)
2) Ask for the best samosa wala
3) Try daal and vegetables from any hotel along Main bazaar of Umerkot.

How to Travel Around?
There are many taxis to take you around. Being a small town, you don’t need one. But, you will need a rickshaw to take you to Momal Rana. And, finally the specialty of Thar is there to see and sit: Keckras. The old army jeeps turned into buses and everything else.

Where to Stay?
There is one hotel in Umerkot by the name of Karoonjhar Hotel. Charges are Rs. 200 and cheap rooms cost Rs.120/night.