Markhor, Of Which There Are Five Distinct Kinds, Is The National Animal Of Pakistan. The Kind That Is Photographed The Most Often Is The Chiltan Markhor, Which Because Of Its Long Horns Looks Very Conspicuous. Ever Since The Markhor Has Been Given Protection Its Number Has Multiplied. Other Animals In The Park Are Straight Horned Markhors, "Gad" (Wild Sheep) And Leopards Which Occasionally Migrate To The Park From Other areas, wolves, striped hyena, hares, wild cats and porcupines.

Many birds like partridge, warblers, shikras, blue rock pigeon, rock nuthatch, red gilled choughs, golden eagle, sparrow, hawks, falcons and bearded vultures are either found here or visit the park in different seasons.

Reptiles like monitor and other wild lizards, geckos, Afghan tortoise, python, cobra, horned viper and Levantine may also be seen in the park.